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Thursday, 16 August 2007

More on alcohol and young people
The Mail6-7 carries a story claiming that it is cut price booze that `fuels teen thugs'. It has a picture of Elsie Tanner and Albert Tatlock of Coronation Street's Rovers Return alongside one of two teenagers in the street drinking lager. The Daily Telegraph leads with `Pressure grows for ban on drinking in the street'. Also Sun24-25 and all other papers.

Councils told: stop clamping
Councils may be told not to set revenue targets for parking offences and not to clamp cars for single offences. A consultation document is in the works. Times1

Comment and letters

`Life death and the rule of the yob'
The Mail14 calls on Brown to review pub opening hours. The Express10 says that the government should stop cracking down on the law-abiding and deal with the `yobs'. The Mirror8 attacks Home Office minister Meg Hillier for not properly considering the idea of raising the drinking age to 21. The Sun8-9 is rather more sympathetic to Hillier. The Times14 carries an editorial worth a look, as does the Independent30.

Minsters accept that the inequality gap is too wide
...but refuse to face the cost of political action to tackle it, argues Seumas Milne in the Guardian35.

These newspaper summaries are drawn up by staff at the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. They are not intended to be comprehensive, or wholly uniform in their approach. Instead, they reflect our individual and collective perspectives on the day's coverage, including our judgements in terms of relevance to the Centre's concerns. On occasion, they also reflect the inevitable time constraints within which we work.

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