Law-abiding majority? The everyday crimes of the middle classes

Law-abiding majority? Briefing cover Susanne Karstedt, Keele University and Stephen Farrall, Keele University (Sheffield University from September 2007). (June 2007)
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In June 2007 the Crime and Society project published `Law-abiding majority?', a briefing that explores the amount of law-breaking that takes place in middle class life.

Professor Susanne Karstedt and Dr Stephen Farrall put forward a thoughtful and challenging contribution to the debate about `crime' and `criminality' and role of the market. As the authors point out, `Consumers are sheep and wolves - easy prey and preying on others. Offending and victimisation are as closely and intricately linked at the core of society as at its margins.' This identification of harmful behaviour taking place amongst `hard working families', the middle classes who do not appear in governmental crime rhetoric, suggests that a serious debate about the role and effectiveness of the criminal justice system is required.

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